Jet Board and Triton are now Triton, a division of MiTek

Thank you for your interest in Jet-Board products. If you were trying to find information on, please note that Jet-Board products and services are now being offered through Triton Watertight Systems, a division of MiTek®. The Jet-Board website is no longer available.

Triton and Jet-Board were started to cater to parallel needs and audiences in the building industry while using the innovative Magnesium Oxide technology as the foundation of both brands.

In the summer of 2019, Triton Watertight Systems and Jet-Board were acquired by MiTek, Inc. As a part of that transition, Triton will now be the singular brand for all backer board and watertight systems solutions.

As we continue to grow the Triton brand of solutions within the MiTek family, we are doubling down on our commitments to Innovation and Building Better.

About MiTek®

MiTek® is a global company focused on providing integrated software, services, engineered products and automated solutions for the building industry worldwide. Innovating and expanding into aspects of global building, MiTek® empowers customers to improve the way they design, make and build.

MiTek is well known for continuously bringing innovative solutions to the building industry, and will continue to do that with Triton as a part of the family. Together we are combatting the challenges plaguing the industry: inefficiency, unsustainable buildings, unhealthy homes and structures, and the ever-growing labor shortages.

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