Three Steps Up in Underlayment: No Cracks, No Warping, No Stress

When you see perfect tile flooring, there’s a good chance Triton DCI Mat™ is at work behind the scenes: absorbing compression, managing moisture, and preventing cracks. As the industry’s hardest-working decoupling mat, it intuitively adapts to the ever-changing conditions that threaten even the best-laid tile plans.

The Triton DCI Mat Value Equation

Less Time, Less Material, More Savings

• No waiting! Triton DCI Mat can be applied over green concrete as soon as it’s walkable
• The Triton DCI Mortar Lock System allows for fast, one pass mortar application
• Does not dent when kneeled or stepped upon, leading to a quicker installation process
• Flexible and lightweight for fast, easy application over any load-bearing and even substrate