To finish bathrooms and tiled surfaces in style and performance, install Triton bull nose profiles.

Beautifully Rounded Finishing for Tiled Surfaces

Triton Edge Bull Nose Profiles are the ultimate answer to your quest for beauty and function in finishing your tiled surfaces. With a perfect inside and outside corner piece, Triton has paid attention to all the small details that have a big design impact.

To finish tile corners and tile edges, Triton Bull Nose trim profiles are a great choice. Prevent tile cracking and having to repair tile by keeping moisture out of grout lines.

Triton Bull Nose Trim provides a rounded tile finish. Quarter round edging for tiles is an excellent tile finishing option.







Available Materials

Brass bull nose profiles are well-suited for use in areas that are subject to particularly rough treatment. Because brass oxidizes in air, especially in humid conditions, it develops a stunning patina.

Stainless Steel
Tough, resilient, and modern. Stainless steel bull nose profiles can stand up to chemicals and even acids, making them an ideal choice for residential bathrooms. Stainless steel profiles are the preferred choice in commercial settings such as mechanical in the food industry, in hospitals, swimming pools and breweries.

PVC bull nose profiles are mainly intended for decorative indoor use. With an array of colors available, you can select the PVC profile that matches your design scheme.

With a signature luster and sheen, there’s no substitute for the look of aluminum. Refer to installation instructions for specific requirements when working with aluminum.

Anondized Aluminum or Powder-Coated
Specially treated for greater resistance to chemicals and acids, anondized or powder-coated aluminum is a tougher option than untreated aluminum. However, avoid installing aluminum profiles in areas where scraping or scratching is likely to occur.