Triton L Trim Profiles deliver load bearing tile strength and tile surface protection

Protective Profiles That Carry Their Weight

Triton L Trim profiles deliver tile edge protection in areas of both permanent and intermittent impact stress such as tile ledge surfaces and areas between carpet and tile flooring. Triton L Trim profiles were engineered to transfer impact stresses uniformly into the tile covering and base material. This protects the tiled surface, and the L Trim profile itself. The result is a long-lasting and beautiful tiled area.

Available Materials

Stainless Steel (Natural or High Gloss Finish)
Triton L Trim profiles are ideal for high traffic areas subjected to contact with chemicals and acids such as swimming pools, spas, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and hotels. These powerhouse profiles also meet the highest requirements of resistance to mechanical impact.

Brass (Natural or High Gloss Finish)
Like stainless steel, brass Triton L Trim profiles are an ideal edge protector for industrial and commercial applications. A high mechanical loading capacity makes this profile an excellent choice for busy areas. They are slightly less resistant to harsh chemicals and acids, and will oxidize over time creating a patina appearance.

Chrome Plated Brass
Stunning and luminous, Triton L Trim profiles in chrome-plated brass add a sleek look to your project. They are also highly resistant to mechanical loading. However, salt and hydrofluoric acid will damage the chrome surface, and care must be taken when working with mortar/thinset near the profile.

There’s no substitute for the look of aluminum Triton L Trim profiles. Refer to installation instructions for specific requirements when working with aluminum.

Anondized Aluminum or Powder-Coated
Specially treated for greater resistance to chemicals and acids, anondized or powder-coated aluminum is a tougher option than untreated aluminum. However, avoid installing aluminum profiles in areas where scraping or scratching is likely to occur.