Protection for High Moisture Areas

Triton WP™ is a flexible, watertight membrane and vapor barrier designed for installation behind tiled surfaces in high-moisture rooms. Use it for waterproofing shower walls and floors, tub surrounds, sink surfaces, tiled floors, and more. Without the proven watertight seal of Triton WP, moisture, chemicals, and solvents can cause deterioration of both the tiled surface above, and the substrate below.

The Triton WP™ Value Equation

Less Time, Less Material, More Savings

• Pre-formed pieces for corners and smaller rolls of sealing tape mean less time spent cutting
• The innovative fleece weave requires less mortar to achieve optimal adhesion
• The strong bond formed by Triton WP prevents callbacks for damaged tile and grout
• Flexible material means it’s easier and faster to seal corners and edges

Available Triton WP™ Components

WP Membrane WP Sealing Tape WP Sealing Tape PolyWP Sealing Tape Adhesive

WP Pipe ColarWP Inside CornerWP Outside  Corners