waterproofing kit, shower waterproofing for open style bathrooms

Designed for Living. Engineered for Performance.

Today’s bathrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens look and feel different. They’re open and fluid, inviting people and moisture to move freely. Tiling is the preferred style, worth the investment because of its beauty and durability. Protect your invest with Triton’s powerful all-in-one waterproofing kit complete with everything you need for a watertight room – including the Water-Free. Worry-Free. 10 Year Guarantee.

The Triton Watertight System™ Value Equation

Less Time, Less Material, More Savings

• Pre-formed waterproofing pieces for corners, and small rolls of sealing tape mean less time spent cutting
• Triton WP Membrane is pre-bonded to shower and backer boards to save on adhesive costs
• When adhesion is required for corners, the membrane is engineered to need less adhesive
• Proprietary 3″ membrane flap extends past backer and shower boards: no extra sealing pieces needed!
• Triton WP Membrane is highly flexible so it’s easier and faster to seal corners and edges