Two High Performance Materials. One Watertight Board.

Comprised of the Triton WP watertight membrane adhered to the most advanced backer board available today, Triton Waterproof Backer Board™ combines two steps into one ingenious board. These two powerhouse materials are pre-bonded in a factory setting for ultimate quality control and performance. There’s no better waterproofing board.

The Triton Waterproof Backer Board™ Value Equation

Less Time, Less Material, More Savings

• Eliminate the time-consuming step of adhering a membrane to a backer board – it’s already done!
• The innovative fleece weave of the Triton Waterproof Backer Board membrane requires less mortar to achieve optimal tile adhesion
• Unlike other cement boards, Triton Waterproof Backer Board is quick and easy to work with: it’s lightweight, requires no special tools, and can be cut using the “score and snap” method

Fastest and safest way to finish your tile project!