Complete Support with CSI and BIM Objects

Architectural Submittals Made Simple. That’s the Triton Promise. The Triton team is here to help make your submittal process easier with detailed product information to meet your specifications. From BIM objects to on-demand product details, you’re supported at every step.

Triton BIM Objects and Triton CAD specs

Triton is Behind Your Most Forward-Thinking Design

Triton adapts to your most innovative designs, not the other way around. Unlike many waterproofing and construction products, Triton doesn’t limit your creativity with outdated systems. Instead, each product is engineered to fit behind the very latest trends in architecture and design. So go ahead, dream and design big…Triton is right there with you.

Powerful Protection. Guaranteed.

Only Triton offers the best guarantee in the industry to ensure your designs stand strong for the long haul. From open-concept bathrooms to artisan tile surfaces in a giant wetroom, there’s no better option to preserve your best designs for years to come. Triton empowers you to focus on designing beautiful, functional spaces knowing there’s a protective product that matches your vision.

Triton Performs behind any popular and in-demand bathroom and tile designs