The Triton Value Equation: Serious Savings for You and Your Customers

Eliminate the callback with the latest advancements in waterproofing and surface protection.

Less Time

For You – Every Triton product is optimized to require less installation time and enhanced performance. For example, both the Triton Pre-Sloped Shower Pan™ to Triton Waterproof Backer Board™ come with a pre-bonded watertight membrane.

For Your Customer – Customers don’t want to wait for their bathroom remodel or updated shower. Triton empowers you to get the job done faster.

Less Material

For You – Reduce material costs with smarter waterproofing and surface protection products like the Triton DCI Mat™, an uncoupling mat that uses approximately 20% less thin-set mortar.

For Your Customer – With savings on material costs, customers can select the designer tiles they really want or upgrade to the room of their dreams.

More Savings

When you install Triton products, the numbers add up in your favor – and benefit your customers. It’s a win-win. You’re protecting their investment and bringing value to every job.